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  • SmartTelemedicine Platform

    SmartTelemedicine Platform (Personal Health Record) allows:
    • access to medical information to remote subjects in the area (Users, MMG, Specialists, Hospitals, etc …);
    • easy integration with hospital information systems for data exchange;
    • extensive integration with biological signal monitoring devices and systems;
    • full interoperability with regional structures for administrative and reporting purposes;
    • it is accessible directly through any web browser;
    • through a specific agenda module, it allows the management of scheduled contacts to patients by specialist operators (Doctors and Nurses);
    • by means of a specific Call Center module it allows the management of telephone contacts by patients and the acquisition of biological signals and the management of three-way conferences with the specialist on duty;
    • the flows are customizable through specific tabs.


    • Flexibility

      • He sees the data as a constitutive unit of the Personal Health Dossier
      • Describes the individual field as meaningful information (semantic definition)
      • Aggregate data into a structure to build cards: the card is intended only as a presentation template for data
    • Usability

      • Web-based architecture
      • Access to information through browsers
      • Cross-access to information through links
    • Adhesion

      • Semantic standardization
      • Standardization of terminology and coding ICD (ICD-9-CM), LOINC, SNOMED, UHID, AIFA
      • Syntactic standardization HL7, (CDA, Clinical Document Architecture), DICOM
    • Interoperability

      Support for communication according to the main communication standards to external server-to-server systems and/or technology provider platforms:

      • Health Information Systems (e.g. CRS-SISS)
      • Biological signal acquisition systems (integration with new generation devices and WSN networks to ensure remote and mobile monitoring of the patient).
    • Modularity and extensibility

      The system is designed and built according to a multi-level distributed architecture.

    • Reliability

      The system guarantees maximum robustness and reliability based on de facto standard technologies in mission critical contexts such as: Linux J2EE Web Services XML / SOAP ORACLE.

    • Safety

      The platform implements a security system based on:

      • authentication and authorization
      • confidenziality and privacy
      • logging and auditing
      • authenticity and non-repudiation.

    How does it work

    SmartTelemedicine Platform is able to manage the following phases of the user management process:
    • archiving of health information and signals acquired within the Personal Health Dossier;
    • automatic or manual acquisition of the user’s biological signals;
    • forward to the specialist (doctor and/or nurse) with automatic access to detailed clinical data;
    • reporting;
    • contact with the Call Center operator;
    • communication to external systems (regional health systems, hospital information systems) of the information relevant to the specific intervention;
    • reporting.
  • Smart Video Conference

    Smart Video Conference is the video conferencing and messaging platform based on the Jitsi Open-Source framework and able to easily and reliably manage one-to-many and many-to-many video conferencing sessions, supported by messaging, file transfer and desktop sharing capabilities.

    The system is mainly based on server-side components that implement the XMPP protocol and that are able to guarantee multiple simultaneous streams from a single server, and on a WebRTC javascript application that integrated with the server-side components allows high scalability and high video quality.

    The platform is accessible in web, Android and iOS modes and supports multiple operating systems, including Windows and Unix systems such as Linux, Mac OS X and BSD.


    The web-based architecture does not require client-specific installation at the patient’s site;
    The platform is able to handle an unlimited number of concurrent sessions such as rehabilitation;
    Call recording and call encryption with SRTP and ZRTP;
    Direct communication with the individual patient can be activated during the session;
    Voice and video calls for SIP and XMPP with H.264 and H.263 or VP8 for video encoding;
    Password storage encrypted with a master password;
    Instant messaging encryption with OTR (end-to-end encrypted);
    Broadband audio with SILK, G.722, Speex and Opus and DTMF support with SIP INFO, RTP (RFC 2833/RFC 4733), In-band;
    The ability to manage the video signal in full screen mode and Desktop Streaming.

    How does it work

    Smart Video Conference allows:
    • the scheduled scheduling of home video sessions;
    • the management of daily sessions with activation of recall systems and scheduled alerts;
    • the management of groups of patients belonging to the same therapy;
    • the platform is able to manage an unlimited number of concurrent sessions for example rehabilitation;
    • direct video contact with the patient;
    • the recording and archiving of the sessions carried out;
    • the creation and management of content libraries for educational / training purposes.
  • HTN – Telemedicina

    HTN – Telemedicine

    It is a free APP-gateway that collects in real time a series of health, physiological and vital parameters, in a personal health dossier.

    The APP allows you to collect an unlimited number of daily measurements of many health parameters such as:

    • The electrocardiogram
    • Blood pressure
    • Oximetry
    • Glycemic
    • Body temperature
    • Body weight
    • Physical activity
    • The quality of sleep

    The User can:

    • manually enter the measurements made by electromedical devices already in your possession.
    • use bluetooth electromedical devices natively compatible and integrated into iOS or Android platforms, whose detections are automatically stored in the personal health dossier.

    Through the APP the user can access, anytime and anywhere, his health dossier in which he can memorize medical history, history, previous pathologies …

    … laboratory investigations, current and / or previous therapies, past events (access to the emergency room, hospitalizations, etc.) …

    … diagnostic images…

    … in order to have the whole medical history in a single archive always available and immediately available.

    All in just a few clicks!

    The password for access to the stored data can be issued, subject to informed consent:

    • to the family doctor who can evaluate, in real time, the clinical data collected by the patient both at home and on the move (travel, holidays, etc.);
    • to the pharmacist for pharmaceutical care projects or to verify and control adherence to the therapy prescribed by the doctor in personalized care plans.

    HTN provides, on request, a complete report of the data collected with a medical interpretative comment of the surveys received and stored, both in their punctual value and in relation to the trend of the same between them and over time.

    Through this report, the attending physician can suggest the appropriate indications concerning the improvement of the state of health and lifestyle.

    Utenti target

    Target users

    • monitoring of the well-being status of the healthy user with or without risk factors (primary prevention);
    • monitoring of the state of well-being of the chronic patient with the possibility of preventing both the worsening of the pathology in progress and the clinical instabilizations of the same that can lead to hospital admissions (secondary prevention).

    The subscription to 24-hour telemonitoring by a dedicated medical team can be purchased at pharmacies belonging to the Promofarma/HTN network.

    Currently monitored data


    • Date/time of registration
    • Electrocardiographic trace of 30″
    • Heart rate

    Blood pressure

    • Measurement date/time
    • Systolic
    • Diastolic
    • Heart rate


    • Measurement date/time
    • Percentage of SPO2
    • Heart rate


    • Measurement date/time
    • Glycemic Values
    • Fasting (yes/no)
    • Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c)

    Body weight

    • Measurement date/time
    • Weight in KG
    • % Fat Mass
    • Lean Mass
    • BMI
    • Abdominal Circumference

    Body temperature

    • Measurement date/time
    • Temperature values in °C

    Physical activity

    • Steps (number of steps per day, only for the IOS version directly from the Health App)

The staff of HTN Virtual Hospital includes, in addition to hospital medical-nursing staff, an Information Technology working group constantly engaged in the identification, development and implementation of innovative software, hardware and network solutions.


Software Development

HTN software solutions are developed on the basis of the functional requirements that arise from the daily operational needs reported by hospitals, general practitioners, specialists, pharmacies and different types of users.

The specific expertise acquired by HTN in the management of large amounts of health data together with the experience gained over the years allow the company to design and implement innovative software solutions characterized by maximum usability, able to meet multiple needs even of high complexity and size.


Customer Service

The technical staff, specialized in technical-IT support, offers daily technical assistance services, both on site and remotely, personalized advice, hardware repair / replacement, hardware / software maintenance, system integration, training and updating.


SmartTelemedicine Platform

The strength of HTN Virtual Hospital is therefore the continuous interaction between the ICT group, healthcare professionals, the operational structure of the Service Center and customers.

From the work of synthesis of these components smartTelemedicine Platform was born; an advanced Health Care software platform whose SmartTelemedicine Platform, Smart Video Conference and HTN – Telemedicine APP solutions are used for the creation and delivery of all HTN Telemedicine Services. The peculiarities of SmartTelemedicine Platform are:

  • clinical innovation (linked to the possibility of providing early diagnosis, remote control, follow-up and decision support in real time);
  • technological innovation (linked to the use of machine learning techniques integrated with ontological reasoning; techniques that, applied in real time to the raw data provided by the sensor infrastructure, allow the recognition of a wide range of human activities and clinical situations at potential risk);
  • market innovation (represented by the possibility of acquiring multiple information inside the home and / or on the move and being able to correlate it with the user’s clinical history).



  • eEurope Awards in eHealth 2003
  • Telehealth Awards 2003
  • eHealth Conference 2006

HTN References

  • Collaborations with universities
  • Scientific collaborations
  • Collaborations with I.R.C.C.S.


  • European projects
  • National projects
  • Regional projects

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