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The company

Health Telematic Network is a Company for the Design and Delivery of Telemedicine Services certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

HTN is GDPR compliant (the new European regulation 679/2016 on the protection of personal data).

The internal human resources of HTN Virtual Hospital (over a hundred, specialized and experienced) are structured in:

  • a professional medical-nursing teleconsultation sector;
  • a strategic design and development sector;
  • a technical-IT sector;
  • a field of scientific research;
  • a service center of excellence.

Legal and operational headquarters are located in Brescia.


The mission of HTN Virtual Hospital is to design and implement Telemedicine Services that make healthcare in the area usable in an “immediate and safe” way.

We bring to a system, for multiple pathologies, innovative methods of disease management that allow us to carry out primary and secondary prevention activities, diagnosis, therapy, follow-up and continuity of care between hospital and territory.

The story

  • 1998

    HTN Virtual Hospital was born after the professional need of the founding member, the hospital cardiologist Dr. Fulvio Glisenti, to early diagnose acute myocardial infarction at a distance, in the disadvantaged mountain territory of Valle Camonica.

  • 1999

    The CardGuard Telemedicine 2000 platform is acquired, allowing at the Boario Terme site the development of the first telemedicine service, Telecardiology.

  • 2000

    HTN Virtual Hospital and I.R.C.C.S. Fondazione S. Maugeri of Brescia begin to collaborate in the field of scientific research. The launch of the “Boario Home Care Project”, which provides, throughout the national territory, telereports and cardiological teleconsultations in favor of Boario Home Care Project.

  • 2001

    The company completes a venture capital transaction with the private equity fund e@rchimede; operational and legal headquarters are transferred from Boario Terme to Brescia; the renovated HTN Virtual Hospital Service Center is equipped with a new proprietary platform, WinCare; the staff is strengthened with an ICT working group constantly engaged in the development and implementation of new software and network solutions.

  • 2002

    HTN Virtual Hospital begins its collaboration with the Directorate General of Health of the Lombardy Region which will finance, over the course of thirteen years, five projects in terms of continuity of care between public hospitals and the Territory (CRITERIA, SUMMA, Home health remote surveillance projects in the city of Milan, TELEMACO, NRS-Nuove Reti Sanitari).

    TELEMACO Project
    SUMMA Project
  • 2003

    The “Boario Home Care Project” receives two prestigious awards; the first by the European Commission “eEurope Awards in eHealth”, the second by the US Association of Teleheath Service Providers “Telehealth Awards”.

  • 2004

    HTN Virtual Hospital designs and implements, for its network of medical specialists and nurses, an innovative telework model that uses broadband on a fixed telephone line (this makes the physical presence of the specialist in the Service Center irrelevant and proves to be of fundamental importance in case of sudden peaks in requests).

  • 2005

    HTN Virtual Hospital implements in its telework model, the provision of health services through broadband on a “mobile” telephone line.

  • 2006

    The British ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) on behalf of the European Commission publishes the results achieved by a predictive study on the effects of the use of telemedicine services of HTN Virtual Hospital in the Lombardy Region; the founding partner, Dr. Fulvio Glisenti, repurchases the shares of the venture capital fund e@archimede.

  • 2007

    HTN Virtual Hospital participates in the European project, WASP – Wirelessly Accesible Sensor populations which aims to create a wireless network of intelligent sensors, widespread and communicating with each other, for the transmission of signals related to people, animals, objects (automotive).

  • 2008

    The ICT staff of HTN releases a first proprietary application, TelMed (a Personal Health Record that is initially tested and used by the ASL of Florence for a project involving three city hospitals).

  • 2009

    A second proprietary application is released, TelMed Wireless Solution (the application allows the transmission to the central HTN platform, wirelessly, in real time, the data of the vital parameters detected at home).

  • 2010

    HTN Virtual Hospital releases new and innovative services: Second Level Diagnostics (Holter, ABPM, Spirometry), Telepneumology and Telediabetology; a third proprietary application, VideoWeb, is also released.

    (video-conference system that allows a medical / healthcare professional, remotely, the visual control of users).

  • 2011

    I.R.C.C.S. Fatebenefratelli of Brescia commissions HTN Virtual Hospital to design and implement an integrated Health Care application that simultaneously manages the functions of hospital medical records and those of provision of Telemedicine services for home telemonitoring of discharged patients.

  • 2012

    HTN Virtual Hospital designs and builds the first Italian hospital network of Tele-ICU “Tele-Intensive Care Unit”, RITMO PROJECT: 117 Neurology departments located throughout the country are equipped with intensive care equipment whose signals (ecg, pressure, oximetry) are monitored in real time, via the web, by the specialists of HTN Virtual Hospital.

  • 2013


    The SmartTelemedicine Platform is released, an advanced web-based Health Care platform, tested and used during the SECURE project (funded by the Lombardy Region and MIUR); Secure creates an innovative Telemedicine system that provides 24 hours a day both for the detection of vital parameters (body sensor) and for the detection of environmental parameters (ambient sensor) through the use of small sensors, wearable or installed at home.

  • 2014

    Federfarma and HTN Virtual Hospital, in the context of the Farmacia dei Servizi, sign a collaboration agreement that provides for the provision of telemedicine services (referred to in Ministerial Decree No. 153 of 2009) in favor of all associated pharmacies at national level.

  • 2015

    HTN Virtual Hospital makes its own the potential of the Internet of You (the evolution in the health and wellness field of the Internet of Things) by creating a new personalized telemonitoring system for its Virtual Hospital in the field of wearable for health sensors.

  • 2016

    HTN Virtual Hospital and Medtronic carry out, as part of the “Innovating for Value in Healthcare”, a pilot project of remote devices telemonitoring between HTN Virtual Hospital and Fondazione Istituto San Raffaele G. Giglio of Cefalù.

    Remote Management

    Microsoft selects SmartTelemedicine Platform by HTN Virtual Hospital as a successful “case history” in the e-Health field.

  • 2017

    FEDERFARMA and SIT (Italian Society of Telemedicine), thanks to the good wishes of HTN, sign as part of Cosmofarma Exhibition 2017, a Collaboration Protocol to consolidate telemedicine activities in pharmacies and promote, for all the services offered, the adoption of technological and clinical quality standards of the same level as hospital ones.

    ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITÀ – Rome 26 July 2017 – HTN participates with its expertise in the CONSENSUS MEETING: DEVELOPMENT OF TELEMEDICINE AND DIGITAL HEALTH as part of the round table “Activities and technological proposals”.

  • 2018

    Federfarma and HTN Virtual Hospital, in the context of the Farmacia dei Servizi, renew for a further three years the collaboration agreement that provides for the provision of telemedicine services (referred to in Ministerial Decree No. 153 of 2009) in favor of all associated pharmacies at national level.

    As part of the Pharmacy of HTN Services, he signed a collaboration agreement with the Cardiovascular Diseases Unit of the University of Brescia for the realization of the project “Telemedicine in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases”.

  • 2019

    HTN Virtual Hospital designs and manufactures (on iOS and Android platforms) the HTN Telemedicine APP for continuous telemonitoring, at home or on the move, of the main vital parameters.

  • 2020

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, HTN, Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana, AiutiAmo Brescia and Giornale di Brescia sponsored and implemented a medical-nursing service of home telemonitoring of vital parameters for 5000 patients discharged from the Civil Hospitals of Brescia or reported by the General Practitioners of the ATS of Brescia and the ATS of the Mountain.

    Progetto MIRATO
    IRCCS Istituti Clinici Maugeri, ASST of East Bergamo and IRCCS Auxologico of Milan were awarded the Call of Lombardy Region “for research projects related to the Covid-19 emergency” (DGR XI / 3017 of 30/03 /2020). MIRATO provides annual follow-up for 600 long COVID patients monitored 24 hours a day at home. HTN supplies the underlying technological architecture (SmartTelemedicine Platform, Telemedicine APP, new generation wireless device).

    MIRATO Project

  • 2021

    The National Center for Telemedicine and New Assistance Technologies of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità invites HTN to join the working group in charge of drafting a National Consensus document on Telecardiology to be presented to the National Guidelines System (SNLG). National Consensus on Telecardiology
  • 2022

    HTN Virtual Hospital implementa nella SmartTelemedicine Platform:

    • the CardioHTN, a “Made in Italy” digital Event Recorder, designed and built in-house, certified in class IIa (records a single electrocardiographic trace of very high diagnostic quality through the HTN Telemedicine APP)

    • the Piccolo Xpress Point of Care, a portable hospital analyzer that allows, with disposable reagent discs, to carry out blood chemistry analyzes whose outcome, remotely controlled by an accredited laboratory, is digitally signed.
  • 2023

    HTN participates in and wins the public notice from AGENAS for research, pursuant to Article 19 of Legislative Decree No. 50/2016, in support of the development of the evaluation model (HTA) for approaches to the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and severe COPD/Asthma (assessment of the impact of technological and organizational innovations on outcomes and other elements of value in a value-based healthcare logic). AGENAS Project

    The HTN clinic is accredited as a healthcare facility by the Lombardy Region. Accreditation Resolution

  • 2024

    8 February 2024, in the presence of the Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci, the VI annual report on pharmacy and the women’s heart campaign, created by Cittadinanzattiva, sponsored by Federfarma and SIIA (Italian Society of Arterial Hypertension), with the HTN collaboration.
    Program February 8th
    Heart of a Woman Campaign Report


The competitive advantages of HTN Virtual Hospital are based on tangible and intangible assets such as:

  • a highly specialized team of teleconsultant hospital specialists;
  • conventions and collaborations with prestigious universities and scientific research and care institutes;
  • constant participation in national and European scientific projects;
  • an advanced web-based technological platform;
  • organizational models of teleworking in real time, even in mobile mode, which allow a wide scalability of the system;
  • the quality of services certified ISO 9001-2015;
  • the continuous training of human resources;
  • the security of sensitive data stored (guaranteed by strict organizational, physical and logical measures, applied to all operating procedures);
  • a solid network of relationships with leading national and international companies of electromedical equipment.

Code of Ethics

On March 29, 2012, the company adopted the Code of Ethics.


The institutional videos of HTN.

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© Health Telematic Network S.r.l. | Via della Volta, 189/B 25124 - Brescia | P.IVA 02028710982 | Cap.Soc. I.V. 300.000,00 € | Registro Imprese BS n° 6333 REA 406800. Webdesign ottosuperstudio

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© Health Telematic Network S.r.l. | Via della Volta, 189/B 25124 - Brescia | P.IVA 02028710982 | Cap.Soc. I.V. 300.000,00 € | Registro Imprese BS n° 6333 REA 406800. Webdesign ottosuperstudio

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