Health Telematic Network (HTN) Ltd is a company that Design and Provides Telemedicine Services. It was founded in December 1998 under the scientific research project called “Boario Home Care” (Monaldi Arch Chest Dis. 2003 Sep;60(3):254-7 -

The Headquarters are located in Brescia, in Via della Volta, 189/B.

The company is organized as follows:

  • management
  • strategic planning and development department
  • professional consultation department
  • informatics technical department
  • scientific research department
  • service center of excellence.


HTN intends to be a point of reference in Italy for the development of a new concept of “disease management” that contributes to the integration of hospitals and territories.

Our mission lies in the definition of our project, to organize and create innovative models of “smart telemedicine” for the telematic clinical-instrumental management of many diseases.

HTN relies its strength on:

• an organizational model of tele-working is made up of clinical-professionals

• the use of the most up-dated web-based technologies “Information and Communication Technology”

• the use of automatic learning techniques and ontological reasoning for the recognition of human activity according to sensor data

• participation and creation of national and European scientific projects.


1998: Health Telematic Network (HTN) is born in order to meet the professional needs of its charter member, Dr. Fulvio Glisenti, a hospital cardiologist, who had to, remotely and in a short time, diagnose acute myocardial infarction, in Vallecamonica, a mountainous disadvantaged territory in the north of Iseo Lake in Lombardy Region

1999: HTN develops a Telecardiology National Network between users / patients and hospital healthcare professionals (physicians and highly skilled nurses); HTN acquires the Israeli CardGuard Telemedicine Platform 2000, which allows its cardiologists receiving electrocardiographic traces and performing reporting online

2000: the "Boario Home Care Project" starts in collaboration with IRCCS Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, Gussago (BS), Italy; this scientific research activity provides teleconsultation to 1500 General Practitioners throughout the Italian national territory (

2001: HTN completes a venture capital operation, relative to 20% of the share capital, with the private equity fund e@rchimede; Legal and operational headquarters moved from Boario Terme (BS) to Brescia; the improved Service Center is equipped with Wincare, a proprietary platform; the staff is enhanced with an ICT working group, constantly engaged in the development and implementation of new software and network solutions

2002: starts a collaboration with Health General Directorate of Lombardy Region that is funding in the next thirteen years, five projects on continuity of care between hospital and territory (CRITERIA, SUMMA, Home Health Telemonitoring in the Milan city, TELEMACO, NRS-New Health networks)

2003: "Boario Home Care Project" receives two prestigious awards; "eEurope Awards for eHealth" conferred by the European Commission and "Telehealth Awards" conferred during the international conference called by the USA ATSP (Association of Telehealth Service Provider (

2004: HTN designs and manufactures a model for its network of specialized physicians and nurses, which uses the broadband fixed telephone line introducing an innovative model of telework for specialist and allowing for better management of sudden peak demand.

2005: HTN implements in its telework model the delivering of health services through broadband over telephone line “mobile”

2006: at the Conference in Malaga the British Association ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) published on behalf of the European Commission the results achieved by a predictive study on the effects of telemedicine services provided by HTN in Lombardy Region. The charter member, Dr. Fulvio Glisenti, buys back the shares held by the venture capital fund e@rchimede

2007: HTN is partner in the European project, WASP - Wirelessly Accessible Sensor populations; the project aims to create a wireless network of intelligent sensors, which are widespread distributed and wirelessly connected in order to transmit signals concerning people, animals and objects (automotive).

2008: The ICT working group of HTN releases a first proprietary application, TelMed, a Personal Health Record initially tested by three hospitals of the Local Health Unit (ASL) of Florence

2009: HTN releases the second version of proprietary application, TelMed Wireless Solution; it permits to transmit in real time the vital signs data in wireless to the central platform of HTN

2010: during year are implemented the telepneumology, telediabetology and new diagnostic services of second-level (HOLTER, ABPM, Spirometry); HTN releases the third  proprietary application, VideoWeb, a videoconference system which allows to physician / health operator a remote visual control of the users.

2011: HTN designs and manufactures, on behalf of IRCCS. Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Brescia, Italy, an integrated Health Care Application able to manage simultaneously the capabilities of a “hospital medical record” and of a “domiciliary personal health record”, to provide telemedicine services (home-based telemonitoring) when patients are discharged. 

2012: HTN designs and manufactures the first Italian hospital network Tele-ICU "Tele-Intensive Care Unit", RHYTHM PROJECT: 117 Neurology departments throughout the national territory are equipped with intensive care devices, whose signals (ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry) are monitored in real time, via web, by the HTN specialists.

2013: HTN releases an advanced web-based proprietary platform of Health Care, “SmartTelemedicine Platform”, which is tested and used in the “SECURE project”,  funded by the Lombardy Region and Ministry of Education; Secure realizes an innovative Telemedicine system to survey h24 the vital parameters (sensors body) and the environment (sensors ambient) by small wearable sensors and home installed sensors, respectively (http: // secure.

2014: HTN signs an agreement with Federfarma that, at national level and in the context of “Pharmacy of Services”, plans to provide the “Telemedicine HTN” to all the associated pharmacies

2015: HTN endorses the potential of the Internet of You (the evolution in the field of health and wellness of the Internet of Things), creating a new custom remote telemonitoring system as part of wearable sensors for health

2016 HTN and Medtronic realized, as part of '' Innovating for Value in Healthcare ", a pilot project of remote telemonitoring of wireless devices implanted at the hospital Foundation Institute San Raffaele G.  Cefalù;

Microsoft selects SmartTelemedicine Platform of HTN as a "case history" of success in e-Health                                                   (  


HTN has a competitive advantage due to its solid network with scientific partners like head physicians and with industrialists; it relies on tangible and intangible assets such as:

An advanced technological platform

 HTN SmartTelemedicine Platform is an advanced software Health Care platform featuring:

1. clinical innovation (linked to real-time diagnosis,  telemonitoring,  and follow-up)

2. techonology innovation (real-time applications that recognize human activity and potentially risky situations)

3. market (collects information about patient/user condition at home and/or mobility to correlate it to the clinical history).

 An innovative model of tele-working  

For all the health professionals involved, HTN has adopted an innovative teleworking model that enables teleconsultion/reporting distribution in “real-time” (7-10 minutes average between the time it takes for the user to contact the center and the forwarding of of biosigns, teleconsultion, reporting, web publication) . This teleworking procedure is for both the Physician Specialists in charge of the teleconsultation and the Professional Nurses in charge of nursing-triage with internet access in “mobile” mode. 

Wide range of scalability  

The use of teleworking and web-based technologies allows HTN to be distinguished by a strong scalability able to realize rapid upgrade systems and manage huge flux of calls. One of the strong points lies in the model irrespective of the system calibration of set at a given instant. 

Quality service 

Health Telematic Network complies to the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The quality of the service is guaranteed by the fact the human resources is continuously trained. Refresher courses and training courses are periodically offered. The staff in every department is highly qualified and trained and certified. 


The (DPS) is a stringent document which assures and guarantees the full respect of obligations foreseen by law 675/96 with following updates as well. The full respect of Privacy is guaranteed by the adoption of severe safety measures, physical and logical ones, applied to all the structures and working procedures and rigorously respected by all the employees. The DPS foresees periodic internal and external formal audits and self-assessment procedures, as well as an adequate training program for those in charge of handling data.  


In 2012 the company has adopted a Code of Ethics, approved March 29, 2012

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