The ServiceCenter works through a work flow:

•        a telephone call arrives (from users, patients, physicians, practitioners, Health Care facilities, pharmacies etc.)

•        the call center automatically recognizes the call through the phone number memorized.

•        the call goes to the first available operator

•        Patient’s Personal Health Record is automatically opened and comes up on the health care professional’s personal computer

•        the procedure “first and/or new call” is activated

•        technicians receive biosigns (electrocardiogram, oximetry, blood pressure, glycemia, images, etc) which are viewed on the platform

  • the user is connected to the specialist for second opinion or with a nurse for the telenursing triage

•        “Personal Health Record” is filled out/updated by the healthcare personnel

•        reporting of biosignals obtained (electrocardiograms, spirometry, images etc.) 

•        data storage

•        “on line” availability of Personal Health Records updated for all those equipped by a specific access password.