The core system of HTN in Brescia features:


  • h24/7 (web-based, fax, email, video) call-contact center equipped with a property software “SmartTelemedicine Platform” (fully certified to give Telemedicine services)
  • advanced ICT (Information and Communication Technology) supported by an up to date connection (broad band and wireless).

Web Service framework (ASP- Application Service Provider) featuring:

  • consolidated standard technologies (XML language, multi-channel accessibility, interoperability network services, interaction protocols)
  • wide-spread tele-working network communication.

HTN presently satisfies a growing number of multi-specialist services between:

  • rural hospitals and Health Centers;
  • Hospitals and General Practitioners/Pharmacists/Rest Houses, Nursing Homes;
  • ambulances and Emergency Department
  • Hospitals and users/patients.

Health care services requested by users are addressed immediately.

HTN boasts flexibility in responding requests, guaranteed by a teleworking team of specialists and nurses always available on line.