HTN Telemedicine delivers  h24/7 services:

  1. 1.   multi-specialist second opinion


Available for subscribing users:


  • second opinion with a team of specialists
  • video consultation  
  • sharing of health data
  • report from multiple instrumental testing.


  1. 2.   vital signs telemonitoring

Users can check their vital signs at any time from any place, without the need of consulting the physician/hospital.

It is possible to:

          • have vital signs telemonitoring with simple and easy to use devices by telecommunication technology (smartphone, tablet, internet)

          • send information to the ServiceCenter by wireless technology

          • interact in real-time with HTN consultants.


3.  health  remote monitoring  (disease management for chronic conditions)   

These services are for healthy users as well as the ones affected by chronic diseases (such as heart and pulmonary diseases, diabetes and hypertension to allow them a healthy life).

Consultants and nurse-tutors constantly monitor patients, organizing scheduled telephone support, and/or help patients 24/7 when needed.


4.    on-line availability of your Personal Health Record, updated always and everywhere

All the services are provided by HTNServiceCenter through their advanced  “SmartTelemedicine Platform”.


     Users receive a password to:

          • access their Personal Health Record

          • see their health data

          • print testing results memorized in the “SmartTelemedicine Platform”.