Telemedicine for Diabetes

Telemedicine for Diabetes


The diabetes service guarantees the patient the consultation of a specialist h24/7 and can be recommended for:

  • telemonitoring of glycemia
  • therapeutic assessments (insulin, antidiabetic drug)
  • teleconsultation with specialists on co-morbidity (heart diseases, neuropathy etc.).

The service provides the sale of a device for the detection of glycemia  (transmitted usb,wireless, bluetooth) allowing to record automatically h24/7.

By using a glucometer with pc/smartphone the patient can:

 •       record glycemia

 •       transmit data to the Personal Health Record

  • view data sent

•        print reports directlly

•        request teleconsultation with specialist on duty.

The service is good for users with diabetes mellitus that need:

•        constant telemonitoring of  blood test results (glycemia, glicated hemoglobin etc..)   

•        therapy adjustments

•        teleconsultation from specialists on co-morbidity (cardiopathy, retinopathy,   arteropathy, peripheral neuropahy etc.).

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