Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring

Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring

This system provides the sale of a device to detect blood pressure values so the user can communicate results  by wireless, bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication).

The values detected when the user is at home or outside are automatically transmitted by smartphone or tablet, to the patient’s Personal Health Record.  

The data recording in time allows to define by a cardiologist if the patient has a high blood pressure and needs therapy.

The service allows:

  • Home BP recordings as many times as wanted
  • Hypertension diagnosis
  • Therapy assessment
  • Primary prevention
  • Secondary prevention
  • tele-consultion of a specialist 24/7
  • printing the report
  • the GP to view data in “SmartTelemedicine Platform”.



The 2013 Guide Lines of the European Hypertension Association report that home blood pressure monitoring can represent the most accurate way to predict cardiovascular events as stroke and myocardial infarction.

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