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Telemonitoring for wellness

 Telemonitoring for wellness


The service monitors:

        blood pressure and heart rate

•        body weight, body fat and lean mass

•        daily physical activity (energy expenditure, activity and sleep efficiency).

 The service provides the sale/rent of the devices easy and practical to use to collect data of the physiological parameters.

At every time and place the user can :

•        collect data of  physiological parameters

•        send information wireless (using a smartphone) to Service Center

•        access Personal Health Records by using password

•        view data sent

•        print report

•        request second opinion if necessary and immediate telereporting with a specialist.


This service is for:

•  healthy users who want to make sure that their health and well-being is under control (primary prevention, during sport activities free time etc.)

•  those living with them (grandparents, aunts/uncles etc.) sometimes suffering from chronic diseases.

A&D 767 Blood Pressure Monitor »
iHealth body analysis scale »
Activity Tracker iHealth »
iHealth BP5 Blood Pressure Monitor »


Tele-electrocardiography provides the possibility to record in a simple and easy way at any time and place a 12 lead electrocardiogram.   

The service is:

• for primary  prevention, screening, sport activity, driving license, gym etc.

• for secondary prevention for users at risk (diabetics, patients with high blood pressure and dyslipidemia etc.) and/or after a cardiovascular event

• for the onset of cardiovascular signs and/or symptoms

• to check cardiovascular risk

• to assess the efficacy of the cardiovascular therapies. 

A “real-time” ECG is done with a device which records and sends via web the 12 ECG leads to the user’s Personal Health Record.

The user can record an ECG  and send the traces to the PHR in “real-time”.


The user can h24/7:

•        record the electrocardiogram

•        send the ECG traces by phone, bluetooth or wireless to the Service Center   

•        request teleconsultion to the Cardiologist on duty

•        access his own Personal Health Record and print the report.

The Cardiologist on duty provides telereporting within 10 minutes.