HTN Telemedicine delivers a variety of services between physicians and users.

The advantages of HTN Telemedicine:

      • feeling safe and assured of always having a specialist available

     • analysis of signs and symptoms with immediate response

     • quick and easy access to a qualified diagnosis

     • constant monitoring of health. 


Who is Telemedicine good for:

•        everybody

•        families

•        those who often travel for work or leisure

• it is specifically for users who need qualified physician monitoring (for example for heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.).


What HTN Telemedicine offers its users

HTN assures its users h24/7 clinical-instrumental services through its advanced     “SmartTelemedicine Platform” and the most modern telecommunication technologies (smartphone, tablet, internet) such as:

1.       multi-specialist second opinion from physicians always available

2.      telemonitoring of vital signs.

Telemonitoring is assured thanks to simple and easy devices recording physiological vital signs without the need of going to the doctor’s clinic.

This facility allows you to:

          • “continuously” monitor" physiological vital signs

          • send them to the ServiceCenter

          • immediate teleconsultation with HTN specialist.

3.    home multidisciplinary remote monitoring for chronic diseases

Remote monitoring is conducted by voice or video and helps the user to empower himself concerning his disease (heart disease patients, lung disease, diabetes, blood hypertension etc.).

The teleconsultation service is active h24/7.

4.   tele-reports of referrals (elettrocardiogram, oximetry, spirometry, blood pressure etc.).


5.    Personal Health Record on line availability  updated.