Assisted discharge

Assisted discharge

Assisted discharge


Services designed to manage “assisted hospital discharges” are directed to those Health Facilities (small-size Hospitals, single division hospitals, nursing homes) that need to discharge chronic early (such as heart failure, diabetes, pulmonary disease, etc)  and at the same time continue telesurveillance at home.

How they work:

The Hospital accesses HTN’s “SmartTelemedicine Platform”  connected with the Service Center, to allow “on-line” telemedicine services to their users for “assisted discharge”.

The remote monitoring model provides (after giving the specific devices for the chronic disease ) the telephone call to the Service Center that can be:

  • Scheduled with telematic transmission  of clinic data and physiologic parameters by the patients
  • Unscheduled when patients experienced signs or symptom.

All the calls are made from the patient to the telemedicine ServiceCenter.

Service flow:

•        the hospital Physician contacts the Service Center and indicates the name of the patient to register

•        the Service Center opens the user’s  electronic (PHR) and activates the telematic reception of the basic vital signs parameters.

•        for scheduled contacts, the Service Center calls the patient, activates the reception of biosignals and makes them immediately available to the hospital

•        the hospital nurse/tutor  contacts the patient

•        the nurse updates the user’s PHR with interventions

•        for non-scheduled contacts, outside of  working hours, the Service Centers puts the patient in contact with the nurse on duty who uptdates the PHR. When needed the specialist of the Service Center is contacted  in real time

•        at the end of the telesurveillance follow-up, the Service Center closes the PHR and transfers it to hospital unit of the patient.

•        the ServiceCenter manages telemedicine devices

•        the Service Center periodically transmits the activity report to the hospital unit involved

•        The PHR is available to the user at every moment (with the proper credentials )the computer system can manage login, users profiling, authorizations management and data back – up.

The medical – nursing healthcare  services is managed directly by the hospital staff , while the Service Center offers, through its informatics platform, the technological and organizational support the services.   


Telephone calls off working hours (night or holidays):

They are managed by the Service Center healthcare staff  which provides the PHR update and the communication to the hospital nurse tutor when the ordinary activity restarts.

 Note. If the Hospital nurse-tutor does not give an answer within five minutes from the beginning of the patient-contact, the Service Center intervenes in any case with its own personnel (nurse/specialist) updating the PHR and communicating to the health care unit in question the actions taken.

These services allow the Hospital unit to act in a brief time, avoiding costly investments.

To realize “assisted discharge” activity, HTN provides a software and structured services as follows.

Telemedicine Workstation

To set up the remote Telemedicine workstation the proper software is needed to carry out the tasks; a full day of staff training (medical/nursing) needs to be organize for the use of the terminal.

The Hospital telematic workstation needs to be equipped by:

 - PC with Pentium processor 128Mb RAM memory(or over)


- LAN card 10/100 on board

- Windows 2000 professional, Xp professional

- Microsoft Word

- Laser printer.

Internect connection is needed.

The workstation allows connection with HTN’s Brescia Service Center, to access patient’s own data directly.

The operative location includes end user licences of all the software:

  • terminal server “on site” license for the hospital workstation

•        software license with PHR of the registered patients.

HTN guarantees the entire set up of the telematic work station described above and the software needed to carry out Telemedicine activities; in particular HTN provides the following set-up activities:

i.        technician to install the telematic work station at the Hospital

ii.       configuration and remote roll-out connection with Brescia HTN Service Center

iii.      creation  of a specific project data base for the hospital if needed

iv.      system test

v.       personnel training of Medical/nursing staff.

HTN guarantees telephone support for software problems and guarantees the hardware supplied, as well as repairs/substitutions in case of malfunction. HTN guarantees replacement of any equipment delivered to the Hospitals, within 72 hours from the moment the malfunction is indicated.

Call Center Services

The Hospital and patients can make an unlimited number of calls to HTN’s Service Center.

Organizational Model:

•        Call center 24 h/365 days with online response

•        Professional staff (nurses + specialists) always connected on web teleworking.

All conversations going through HTN Service Center of Brescia are recorded.

HTN guarantees full respect of personal data with respect to the norms in compliance with Minesterial decrees 193/2003.

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