Services for Diabetes




The Health Professional has a service that allows the diabetic users to automatically   memorize the glycemia values h24/7.


The diabetic patient is entrusted with a glucometer which can transmit to the Personal Health Record in usb/wireless mode (smartphone) the glycemia values taken at home.


The Health Professional can at every moment:

  • access the user’s  Personal Health Record by password 
  • view data sent from the device
  • print report directly
  • request teleconsultation to a Diabetic specialist on duty.


 The service is useful for diabetic mellitus users that need:

  • constant telemonitoring of hemoglobin test results (glycemia, glicate hemoglobin etc.)  
  • therapy assessment
  • specialist’s teleconsultation on co-morbidity (cardiopathy, retinopathy,  arteropathy, peripheral neuropahy etc.).
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With this service it is possible to have :

•  dermatological teleconsultation  once the images of the lesions to diagnose have been gathered by a digital camera or by a digital dermatoscope

•  access to the SmartTelemedicine platform by private password and print images and comments from the specialist directly.