Pressure telemonitoring services

ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring)

ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring)  

This service provides 24 hours of telemonitoring of blood pressure.

The blood pressure ambulatory monitoring allows the Health Professional to put a device at the patients disposal that records and sends all the blood pressure (BP) readings to the user’s Personal Health Record.

The health care provider can access the user’s Personal Health Record to:

  • View data sent to the patient’s Personal Health Record
  • Print the report directly
  • Request a teleconsultation/telereport in real time to a specialist on duty.

The service is useful for:

• diagnostic confirmation of the hypertension state
• an accurate definition of the cardiovascular risk by means of pressure load assessment, variability, differential pressure and average cardiac frequency
• an assessment of the effects of the anti-hypertension therapy.

The telereport can be printed within 24 hours while the teleconsultation is available immediately by the HTN Cardiologist.

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HBPM (Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring)

HBPM (home blood pressure monitoring)  

The service can entrust the patient with a device that monitors the blood pressure at home (transmittable via wireless, bluetooth technology or NFC Near Field Communication).

All the values monitored both at home and in mobility, are automatically sent by smartphone or tablet to the Personal Health Record of the patient.

The progressive recording allows the HTN Cardiologist, to give an accurate explanation of the cardiovascular risk by assessing the dipper of the blood pressure at night,  variability, pulse pressure, cardiac frequency etc.).

The service can:

•        give unlimited BP readings at home and/or in mobility

•        record easily and permanently all the values

•        make comparisons with those in the data-base

•        view  value trends

•        receive periodic reports from  HTN Cardiologists

•        benefit from the teleconsultation of a specialist Cardiologist h24/7

•        benefit from being able to print the report always and immediately

•        issue a personal password to the user to view data

•        request a teleconsultation/tele report to the Cardiologist on duty.


  •      do primary prevention check-ups for all those that have familiarity with hypertension, stress, obesity, kidney disease etc.

•        do secondary prevention (users with diabetes mellitus, ictus cerebri, dilated cardiomyopathy, etc.)

•         assess the effects of  therapy.


This service has two variations:

•        The Health Professional can rent the pressure value detection device  to his own patients that do not own a smartphone (in this case the patient needs to go into the clinic periodically to download all the values recorded at home)

•        it can be activated by the use of pressure readings already provided by clinics or by the user (in this case the pressure data are inserted manually every time in the Personal Health Record).

The tele report can be printed within 24 hours while the teleconsultation on the part of the HTN Cardiologist is immediate.

The 2013 Guide Lines of the European Association of Hypertension claims that arterial blood pressure values taken at home can represent a more accurate way to have the real pressure profile of the patient. 

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