Health Professionals claim that second level examinations  from public and private hospitals are often done in great delay.

HTN Telemedicine services allow a rapid access to diagnostic examination as well as to the multi-specialist second opinion.

For Health Professionals the following services are available:

1.  multi-specialist telconsultation/second opinions

2.  telereporting

3. multi-parameters home telemonitoring

4. home remote monitoring for patients affected by chronic deseases.

Clinical services are given in real time, h24/7 through BresciaServiceCenter, that uses the advanced property software platform “SmartTelemedicine Platform” and the most modern technologies of telecommunication (smartphone, tablet, internet).

Every user has Personal Health Record.

The Health Professionals is assigned a password that allows him to:

• access the user’s  Personal Health Record

• view health data and physiological parameters

• print medical reports of the instrumental surveys.

The advantages are:

-   rapid access to second level diagnostic examinations

-   primary/secondary, patient screening/follow-up

-  immediate medical referral 

-  extreme convenience for the user who does not have to reach the hospital nor take time off to book, return device, pick up medical reports, therefore a saving etc.

- reduction in examinations  from the National Health System.