Services for hypertension

HBPM (Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring)

Home Blood Pressure Telemonitoring 

This system provides the sale of a device to detect blood pressure (BP) values so the user can communicate results  by wireless, bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication).

The values detected when the user is at home or outside are automatically transmitted by smartphone or tablet, to the patient’s Personal Health Record.  

Progressive recording allows HTN’s Cardiologist to make an accurate assessment of the cardiovascular risk (by means of BP drop at night, pressure load, variability, pulse pressure, average cardiac frequency etc.).

The service features:

  • Home BP recordings as many times as wanted
  • Hypertension diagnosis
  • Therapy assessment
  • Primary prevention
  • Secondary prevention
  • tele-consultion of a specialist 24/7
  • printing the report
  • the General Practitioner to view data in “SmartTelemedicine Platform”.


Two possible variants available:

  • measuring device of pressure values can be rented from Pharmacist if users do not have smartphone (home measuring data can be downloaded at the Pharmacy)


  • blood pressure devices at the Pharmacy can be used (data gathered manually is inserted in Personal Health Record).



Note. The 2013 Guide Lines of the European Hypertension Association report that home blood pressure monitoring can represent the most accurate way to predict cardiovascular events as stroke and myocardial infarction.

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ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring)

24h ABPM/ambulatory blood pressure monitoring


For telemonitoring of blood pressure, the Pharmacist makes available to the users a device that records blood pressure and send readings to the user’s  Personal Health Record via web.


The Pharmacist can at every moment with his own password access HTN’s SmartTelemedicine plaform to:

•        view data sent to the user’s Personal Health Record

•        print the report directly

•        require a teleconsultation/telereporting in real time with a specialist on duty.


The service is useful for:

• diagnostic confirmation of  hypertension

• an accurate definition of the cardiovascular risk by assessing night BP drop, blood pressure load, variability, differential pressure and average heart rate

•assessment of the anti-hypertensive therapy.

The referral can be printed within 24 h while the teleconsultation by an HTN Cardiologist is immediate. 

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