Services for wellness

Telmonitoring for wellness

Services for wellness:


Telmonitoring for wellness


The services monitors:

•        blood pressure and heart rate

  • body weight,  body fat and lean mass

•        daily physical activity (energy expenditure, activity and sleep efficiency).

The services provides the sale/rent of devices easy and  practical use to collect data of the physiological parameters.

The user/patient can at any time of the day and year:

•        collect data of physiological parameters

•        transmit wireless (using a smartphone)  to the ServiceCenter

•        access Personal Health Record by using password

•        view data sent

•        print report

•        request tele-consultation if necessary and immediate tele-reporting with an HTN specialist on duty.


These services are for:

•  healthy users who want to make sure that their health and well-being is under control (Primary prevention, during sport activities, free time etc.)

• those living with them sometimes suffering from chronic diseases.

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iHealth BP5 Blood Pressure Monitor »


The service provides sale/rent of 12 lead ECG of easy and practical use.

 The service is useful for:

•  primary prevention, screening, sport activity, driving license, gym etc.

 •  secondary prevention for users at risk (diabetics, patients with high BP and dyslipidemia etc..) and/or after a cardiovascular event

•  for onset of cardiovascular signs/symptoms

•  check for those with cardiovascular disease

• assessing effects of cardiovascular therapies.

A “Real-time” ECG is done with a device which records and sends traces via web to the user’s Personal health Record.

The user can at any moment of the day or year h24/7:

•       do an electrocardiogram

•        send the electrocardiograph traces by bluetooth or wireless  to the ServiceCenter

•        request immediate teleconsultation and telereporting to a Cardiologist on duty.

 •       access  Personal Health Record  and print the report.

An HTN Cardiologist provides telereporting and teleconsultation within 10 minutes.