HTN Awards

“e-Europe Awards in e-Health”                       


In May 2003, in Brussels, a European commission organized a ministerial conference open to operators of the sector under the contribution of  ICT for Health ( They awarded the ventures demonstrating the following:

  • Ability to create economic advantages and improvement of access and quality of care
  • Ability to propose the project portability on the European territory.

30 ventures were chosen out of the 180 presented. These 30 participated to the finals in Brussels in front of an audience of 33 ministers and decision makers of the sector.

HTN’s  Boario Home Care Project  ( was the only Italian project to receive honor mention and the only European to be rewarded under the section Telemedicine and Home Care.



“e-Health Conference 2006”  



In May 2006, the British ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), under the appointment of the European Commission, published the results achieved by a study of HTN Boario Home Care Project , prognostic on the effects of the use of telemedicine in the Lombardy Region, presented at the Malaga conference (, under the “Good Practices for Developing a Country’s eHealth Action Plan”.

The scientific results validated were at the base of the analysis carried out, that demonstrated, with a time span reaching 2012 the increasing advantages for the population with the increase of the use of telemedicine systems.


“Telehealth Awards”  



The association of American providers of telemedicine ( ) classified HTN second place in the international conference held in September 2003 and organized annually.



 Premio Ok Italia 2012


Computerization as a bridge towards the future: winning companies are on-line


 Health Telematic Network S.r.l.         (Lombardia)




The edition 2015 of DigitalAwards AboutPharma introduced the "Time to Impact drivers" as a selective criteria designed to identify projects that affect concretely on patients' quality of life, on the daily practice of all health professionals and on the strategic decisions of those responsible of health planning.

HTN Classified in category: Projects aimed at Doctors, Pharmacists, Professionals

Subproject: Projects that help pharmacists in the profession