Video Solution enables:

  1. Scheduling of rehabilitation video sessions
  2. Management of daily sessions with activation of recall alert planned systems
  3. Dealing with groups of patients following the same therapy
  4. Video training sessions with classes up to 8 people
  5. Direct Video contact with the patient
  6. Recording and archiving of sessions
  7. Creating and managing of case studies library with educational and training purpose.


  • Web based software: he doesn’t need to be installed in the patient’s client
  • The software platform can manage an unlimited number of rehabilitation sessions at the same time without any problem
  • Each session can handle since eight patients per single session.
  • you can enable an exclusive and direct communication with the individual patient during the rehabilitation session.
  • H264 video compression format for getting best performance and quality
  • The platform enables video streaming sessions in full screen mode .
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